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Diane Jensen
Utah County Managing Broker
Diane Jensen
Utah County Managing Broker
ERA Brokers Consolidated

Home...Homes...I love them! I love the people in them. I love the memories created in them.

I love homes of all ages and sizes. I've lived in lovely new homes and in charming old homes. My favorite home was a 1903 traditional farm home in Monroe, Utah. I loved the community I had with the people there and I loved the smells, creaks, and character of my home. I loved the large property with the pasture and cows and I loved having chickens! I now live in Payson in a sweet little cottage home. I don't know the original age of the home, but I know the original structure is unfired adobe blocks, so I think it's quite old. It's cozy and adorable, and in over 7 years here I have fallen in love with the people of Payson and Southern Utah County and I love serving them.

I love the gift and opportunity I have been given, for many years, to help others begin and continue their love of home.

I hope you will allow me, and my 30 years of real estate experience, to help you grow your love of home!

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